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New Generation Medical LINAC QA Device that can perform geometric and dosimetric tests together independent of the user.

Decreasing Uncertainty, Increasing Accuracy

The UFC device has been developed for fast, accurate and sensitive routine QA testing of medical LINAC devices. With its patented design and measurement method, the UFC saves time and cost. Lightweight, easy-to-use and user-independent measurement capability of the UFC gives the same result no matter who performs the test.

Key benefits of UFC

Automatic Isocenter Detection

Thanks to the digital detection of the crosshair,
the point of measurement is determined automatically.

Adjustable Resolution

Thanks to the UFC's movability, it is possible to
take measurements at different step intervals
up to 1.25 micrometers.

Dosimetric & Geometric Tests Together

Both light field and radiation tests can be
performed digitally with the same device.
This makes it possible todigitally compare the
light field and the radiation field tests.

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