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What is D-CUBE BASIC ?

UFC Smart QA is the next generation user independent quality control system that can perform geometric and dosimetric tests together. The UFC device automatically corrects the necessary angle and position corrections. Therefore, it eliminates the possible user dependent uncertainties. There are light and x-ray photodiodes placed on the measurement array with special geometry. There is high resolution CsI (Tl) scintillator photodiode series used for x-ray measurement. It is easy to detect the possible deviations during test with the real time measurements. For instance, during rotational collimator test it is possible to detect the deviation length and its angle. There is an inclinometer on the measurement array with 0.001° resolution and 0.01° absolute accuracy. The aim is to make all the necessary Task Group 142 Tests with One Device.

Key benefits of D-Cube Basic

Talent & HR Analytics

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Strategic Development

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Supply Connectivity

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