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Automatic Laser Alignment Device for Radiology Departments

Fast, Accurate and Automatic Laser Alignment

The reference laser projection is used in sections such as CT or PET/CT to allow the patient to be placed in the correct position. The D-Cube Radiology model was developed to calibrate these laser projections quickly and precisely. The D-Cube System detects the laser digitally and automatically calibrates the laser sources according to the reference point.

Key Benefits of D-Cube Radiology

Patented Design

The position, angle and depth information of the laser source is obtained precisely thanks to the superior design of the D-Cube.

Automatic Laser Alignment

All laser sources can be aligned according to reference CT isocenter automatically.

Automatic Angle Correction

Thanks to its high precision inclinometer and motorized feet, it automatically adjusts its angle to the reference plane.